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Snow & Ash : An Endless Winter Novel  By Theresa Shaver 
Bomb after bomb dropped across the globe sending the world tumbling into a seemingly never ending nuclear winter. Four children are left alone and scared to survive as best they can. Teen & Young Adult 

The 13th Star  By Adam Peled
Rettoul, a magnificent warrior, was marked as a baby with a scar on his head, so that the dark forces - lead by Bergin and Rod Kolder, his Protégé - would be able to recognize and assassinate him when he grows up. Only Benya, a crazy women dwelling in her mystic ways, understands his destiny. She is committed to put him on the right path to rule over the world. Will she succeed? And is there truth in the ancient prophecy about a scared child that will lead the 13th planet in a war of renaissance? Science Fiction 

You Are My Sunshine  By Roberta Kagan
On a January morning, a child was born into Hitler's home for the Lebensorn and torn from her mother's arms . She was thrust into a treacherous world where the very people sworn to protect her were not what they seemed. Then as Hitler's Third Reich began to crumble, the Lebensborn children were no longer safe. The world became a dangerous place for this little girl and her only hope of survival lie in the trembling hands of a young Jewish woman with troubles of her own. Historical Fiction 

Shattered Triangle A Consequential Murder  By William P Messenger 
Amidst the restrained wealth of Hancock Park a family is mysteriously murdered. The sole survivor is a candidate for the U.S. Senate. Can relationships forged over decades survive the investigation? Mystery & Thriller 

Alchemist Academy  By Matt Ryan
Allie finds out she isn't just a nobody as her new neighbor, Mark, shows her the hidden world of alchemy. They both discover that nothing is at it seems and try to find a way to survive in the cruel world of the Academy. Teen & Young Adult 

Magic Unbound  By Jill Nojack
A startling discovery about her past. An order of dangerous months. A cute guy. An ancient Fae. The magical adventure of a lifetime! Teen & Young Adult 

Colombian Killers: The True Stories of the Three Most Prolific Serial Killers on Earth  By Ryan Green
Luis Alfredo Garavito, Pedro Alonzo Lopez, and Daniel Camargo Barbosa are among the most prolific serial killers in the world. Between them, they were convicted of 329 murders, but it's believed that the number they committed is over 750. Colombian Killers is not for the faint of heart, nor for the feeble of spirit. Be very sure you want to know what you are about to read, because if you can be sure of nothing else, be sure of this: You will never forget what you are about to read. Biographies & History 

Vegetarian Quick & Easy - Under 15 Minutes  By Jonathan Vine
Whether you are a novice or an expert in the kitchen, you won't need more than 15 minutes to make these recipes! Impressing your family and loved ones has never been easier! We need food not only to survive but also to bring us joy and great taste experiences But what do you do when you only have 15 minutes at your disposal? Time management is the answer. And that is what this book offers you, recipes that don't take more than 15 minutes to make, without sacrificing any of the taste. Cooking & Health 

All of Me  By Leeanna Morgan
Helping a bride in distress creates more twists and turns in Tess' life than she ever thought possible. Add in an ex-war correspondent, twenty-two bridesmaids' dresses, and three friends who want to help, and you have the recipe for a heartwarming romance. Romance 

Final Response  By E.R. Yatscoff
This is a fire fighting novel based in a cold Canadian winter with a variety of characters and a unique plot line. The fire fighters are charged with protecting an abandoned city that is evacuated due to increasing intensity of the polar vortex causing extreme freezing, while a group of gangs attempts to pillage what remains in the city. Mystery & Thriller 

Flare  By Jonathan Maas
Winner - Best Science Fiction - 2016 Los Angeles Book Festival Winner - Best Science Fiction - 2015 Southern California Book Festival Yours free! SciFi/Horror Flare has been likened to Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road,' and Stephen King's 'The Stand' and it is free for ManyBooks subscribers, no strings attached! Horror 


Drifters' Alliance (Book 1)  By Elle Casey
One hand of cards and it's all over but the crying... When Cass Kennedy gets the drifter ship she's been dreaming of for the past ten years, she finally gets to live on her own terms instead of her father's. But the crew of nutty strangers on the DS Anarchy holds a lot more surprises than she bargained for. Jump onboard with Cass and her crew as she charts a course toward an alliance that will either make her or break her as Captain of the DS Anarchy. Science Fiction 


Dogs with Bagels  By Maria Elena Sandovici
In the summer of 1989, the Pop family leaves communist Romania and embarks on a rocky immigrant adventure in New York. A few months later, while watching live footage of the Romanian Revolution, Maria Pop starts second-guessing her decision to follow her husband to foreign shores. Her homesickness breaks the family apart. Decades later, will she be able to use her past mistakes to help her floundering daughter? Historical Fiction 


Devil's Due  By Andrew Warren
Thomas Caine is a dangerous man. A former CIA assassin, he was burned, betrayed, and left for dead. Now, he struggles to stay off the grid, and hides from his dark past in the seedy underworld of Pattaya, Thailand. But when human traffickers abduct the one person Caine has sworn to protect, the vengeful former assassin must wage a bloody one-man war to get her back. Can Caine defeat this shadowy syndicate, and help an honest cop save a group of kidnapped girls before the clock runs out? Mystery & Thriller 


Lady Grace  By Sandy Nathan
SOMETIMES COMING HOME ISN'T MUCH OF A HOMECOMING: Not everyone dies in the nuclear conflagration. Surviving any way they can, the lucky ones make their way to Piermont Manor...No one knows how much time has passed since the world blew up. Paranormal 


Sea of Lies  By Bradley West
CIA cryptanalyst Bob Nolan finds the airstrip where MH370 landed. The next eight days will see a war fought, a regime toppled, and lives upended as Nolan runs for his life, tries to protect his family, and unspools a dark web of murder and treason. Mystery & Thriller 


The Hands of Time: A Suspenseful Thriller  By Olivia Reese 
Charlie has been battling with sleeplessness for as long as he remembers. When a drug company offers a way to earn money by trying a new drug that would rid him of his sleep issues, he quickly signs up. Does Charlie get cured or is he in for a rude awakening? 
Mystery & Thriller 


Unbreak Their Hearts  By Donna Welch Jones
Marcy Simon's own rape determined her mission in life. Marcy provides counseling—or "male trash removal" services—for women dealing with cheaters, divorce, sexual perversion and domestic violence. Marcy risks her career and her life to save other women from emotional abuse and physical trauma. (Mature content). Mystery & Thriller 


Louisiana Cajun Girl  By Donna Hankins
The wet lands of Louisiana hold many secrets. In this spiritual, paranormal, romance, a young Cajun girl, Marcie, a tomboy raised by her parents on the edge of the swamps, is about to learn some lessons of life from the other side. Several months after the unexpected death of her dad, Marcie starts having ghostly visitations directing her to the middle of the Spring Bayou area among the snakes and alligators to find direction in her life from none other than a recluse that the people of the town call the Swamp Man. Fantasy 


Tormented Slumber  By Paul Deaver
War doesn't always end after the last shot is fired. Returning home begins a whole new battle. A veteran discovers that demons followed him home from the battlefield and threaten to destroy his life. The soldier regains hope when he finds unexpected allies to confront his worst nightmares. Science Fiction

The Growing Season  By William Cates
The Growing Season takes a close look at the creation of art, and how it can change us in ways never imagined. During the course of one summer, a married woman of polite society steps outside her conventional role to model secretly for an artist trying to rebuild his career. After he recreates her in bronze, her hidden life unravels with unexpected consequences. Romance 

Her Dakota Man  By Lisa Mondello
Poppy Ericksen had spent the year wondering how all their lives might have been different after hearing the deathbed confession of her childhood friend. She'd left South Dakota years ago because she couldn't bear to watch the man she loved loving another woman. But now she knows the truth. She'll keep the promise she made to a friend, but will Logan understand when he learns the truth? More important, can they again recapture the passion that had been between them all those years ago? Romance 


Mikey and the Chickadee  By Kid Boise
This is a novel about budding love between two men. It seeks to add quality writing and well-drawn characters to a growing pool of gay literature. Wyatt and Mikey are young, fresh into their careers—and still have a lot to learn about themselves. They were fortunate enough to meet, but only time will tell if their new bond can weather the tumult and confusion that accompanies early adulthood. Romance 


The Bootlegger's Legacy  By Ted Clifton
When an old-time bootlegger dies and leaves his son Mike a cryptic letter hinting at millions in hidden cash, Mike and his friend Joe embark on a journey that takes them through three states and 50 years of history. What they find goes beyond money and transforms them both. This is an action-packed adventure story that partially takes place in the early 1950s. It all starts with a key, embossed with the letters CB, and a cryptic reference to Deep Deuce, a neighborhood once filled with hot jazz and gangs of bootleggers. Out of those threads is woven a tapestry of history, romance, drama, and mystery; connecting two generations and two families in the adventure of a lifetime. Mystery & Thriller


Rose Hill  By Pamela Grandstaff
If you like cozy mysteries with a little romance and humor, you will love the Rose Hill Mystery Series. When rich and rotten Theo Eldridge is found bludgeoned to death in the local veterinary clinic, Rose Hill police chief Scott Gordon is forced to work with ambitious county investigator Sarah Albright. Scott's crazy about Maggie Fitzpatrick, but she's still grieving over the mysterious disappearance of the love of her life. Although determined to resist the powerful chemistry between them, Maggie finds herself battling emotions she can no longer deny. Mystery & Thriller 


The Forever Man - Book 1: PULSE  By Craig Zerf
The world, as we know it, has ended. One man stands resolute. A man who has been trained in the savage arts of war. A man who lives his life according to a creed. A simple man who wants none of the power thrust upon him. This man is Marine Sergeant Nathaniel Hogan, seconded to the American Embassy in London and, although he does not know it, he is – The Forever Man. Fantasy 


The Enemy of an Enemy  By Vincent Trigili
The Dragon Claw, is being sent to investigate a mysterious event deep within the Empire's space. A secret research colony has fallen silent and the forces sent to investigate were never heard from again. A new enemy has come to the Empire bringing with it dark powers that were abandoned long before the Empire was born. It's up to Vydor to keep this force at bay and protect the Empire, but it may come at the cost of his faith and shake the foundations of the Empire itself. Science Fiction 


Unlucky In Love  By Carmen DeSousa
Some lucky women meet the man of their dreams and live happily ever after. Some lucky women focus on a career and make their own happily ever after. And then some women wake up after fifteen years of marriage and discover that their luck just ran out ... right into the arms of another woman. Jana Embers isn't one to sit back, though. The first thing Jana's thinking she might do is take a tire iron to her soon-to-be-ex-husband's truck. Then, who knows? Maybe she'll adopt a cat. Romance 


Brian Boru - Freedom Within The Heart  By Mark Mahon
A young Irish revolutionary, Brian Boru, unites the clans of Ireland, in an effort to lead his people to freedom against Norse tyranny. Read his inspirational tale of struggle and triumph in his unyielding pursuit of saving the Emerald Isle. This exciting novel is based on the award-winning screenplay and the forthcoming movie. Historical Fiction


Death Sung Softly - A Sam Prichard Mystery  By David Archer
Sam opens his practice as a Private Investigator, and gets his first real case almost instantly: Find Barry Wallace, a local rock singer who was on the verge of making it big, and vanished suddenly. When Barry's body turns up minus his head and hands, the case becomes ominous, and now he has to find a killer, instead. Mystery & Thriller


City of Gods: Hellenica  By Jonathan Maas
Do you ever wonder what the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were like as teenagers? If you're a fan of mythology, superheroes, or SciFi/Fantasybooks with substance - you've come to the right place. City of Gods: Hellenica imagines a world where all the gods have come back - from Zeus to Dagon, from Lugh to Thor. Our heroes are the Four Horsemen - as teenagers, and they are being trained to police this world, which is becoming more corrupt by the day. And it's free forManyBooks subscribers. Fantasy 


The Goodbye Storm  By Danielle Stewart
Autumn Chase is painfully aware grief is a beast that won't be chased off before it's ready to leave. When an icy road and a dark night leave her a young widow, she's forced to trade in her perfectly planned future for the unknown. Noah Key, an ER doctor, has solemnly informed countless families that their loved one could not be saved. However, when his own wife dies suddenly there are no words to bring him comfort. When the world keeps moving on without them, they will need to decide if they'll survive the storm or allow themselves to be swept away by it. Literary Fiction


The Siren (Laments of Angels & Dark Chemistry Book 1)  By Meg Xuemei X
Lucienne, last ruler of the Sirens, has little time left to find TimeDust, an ancient power. If she doesn't, the forces against her will destroy her and her family. What's more, she'll be denied the passions of a warrior prince. Action & Adventure 


Shadows in the Past: A Detective Mystery  By Olivia Reese
                                  DISCOUNTED FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

When detective Eleanor Starwood is assigned to the case of her sister's murder, can she manage to solve the mystery? Eleanor is devoted to bring justice to her sisters death and find out who the killer was ­ but can she do it all before time runs out? You must read to find out. Mystery & Thriller 

Falling For Ken  By Lauren Giordano
Contractor Kendall Adams is going broke. The guy who could save her has just tumbled into the project. To avoid getting sued and maybe sweet-talk him into paying, she'll do-- just about anything. Love under construction: With no family to sign him out of the hospital, injured millionaire Harrison Traynor's choices are between rock and hard place. An indefinite hospital stay or being 'nursed' by the angry beauty he's on the verge of bankrupting. Falling for Ken was never in the blueprint. The anti-prom queen never ends up with the football stud. Will Ken risk her heart when loving Harry was never in the specs? Romance 

The Wake: And What Jeremiah Did Next  By Colm Herron
The year is 1968. Jeremiah Coffey is a twenty-seven-year-old teacher -- Catholic, conservative and plagued by guilt on account of his complicated relationship with Aisling O'Connor. Aisling is everything that Jeremiah is not -- feisty and radical, angry committed, bisexual. She is a leading figure in the Irish civil rights movement and planning to help organize a potentially explosive protest march. The scene is set for a brutal confrontation to match 1965's Bloody Sunday in Selma. Historical Fiction 


Lies from the Attic  By Tamara Avner
While held in detention and waiting for her murder trial, Rakefet Auerbach shares her baffling confession. She is a stunning woman. . A queen between the sheets. And She is used to using men cynically and tossing them aside ,But all this is about to change, when she suddenly falls in love with a mysterious and charismatic defense lawyer. Soon enough, she finds herself stalking this enigmatic man, She knows it will end badly, but she can't resist what it is stronger than her. Romance 


Wolves: I Bring the Fire Part I (A Loki Series)  By C. Gockel
When Amy Lewis prays for help, Loki the Norse God of Mischief and Chaos isn't who she has in mind. Can a nice Midwestern girl trust a so-called god? With an ancient power calling him, can Loki even trust himself? A hilarious USA Today Bestselling series of mythic proportions. Fantasy 


Gifted, a Brainrush Novella  By Richard Bard
A gifted boy and his teen siblings are ripped from their peaceful lives—kidnapped by an organization determined to get back at their father. But when their plane crashes in the bear-infested jungles of South China, the mysterious motive behind their abduction is the least of their problems, and they must lever every ounce of their courage and wits to survive the wilds and escape the ruthless drug lord who is hot on their heels. Can a gifted child learn to kill in order to save his loved ones? Action & Adventure 


Heaven to Betsy -An Emily Romantic Mystery  By Pamela Fagan Hutchins
Heaven to Betsy #5 is a romantic mystery about 30-year old Emily— a newly pregnant and recently dumped rodeo queen-turned-paralegal—who tucks tail back to her conservative hometown seeking privacy she doesn't get. But when she and her enigmatic new boss Jack take the case of an illegal immigrant who is beaten to death in jail, Emily becomes obsessed with finding and protecting the woman's six-year old daughter, a witness to human trafficking and murder, no matter the cost to herself.2015 WINNER USA Best Book Awards, Cross Genre Fiction. Mystery & Thriller 

Fate's Past  By Jason Huebinger 
Texas couple Cameron Harrison and Carrie Fields are taking a much needed weekend getaway to New Orleans. But while driving in rural Louisiana, Cameron sees a flash of light and swerves, waking Carrie. They notice that their environment has changed—a faint cloud distorts the empty road, the clocks blink "00:00," and their cell phones lose reception. As Cameron and Carrie wander through the unfamiliar landscape, they are hunted by their biggest regrets. They must come to grips with who they were if they are to escape their pasts and survive the present. Horror 


Human Again - A Dystopian Sci-Fi Novel  By Moran Chaim
An Israeli soldier awakens after being cryo-frozen for 300 years. He finds himself in an underground shelter-city where he can trust no one.  Science Fiction 

Spanners: The Fountain of Youth  By Jonathan Maas
The average human lives from 0-80 sequentially. Spanners don't. Their lifespans give them strange and deadly powers, and it's up to immortal detective Adam Parr to keep them all under control. Attention ManyBooks subscribers: If you want a fast-paced SciFi Horror Fantasy, then you've come to the right place. Spanners: The Fountain of Youth will be FREE June 20-24th, 2016.  Horror 

Donbridge: The Ring of Lazarus  By RD Vincent
The fabled Town of Donbridge holds the key to a family’s folklore and 200 year history as told by a grandmother to her grandchildren. The first in the series, The Ring of Lazarus, tells the tale of a young girl found dead outside the fabled town. Grief stricken, her mother with lost hope places a powerful silver ring upon her deceased daughter’s finger knowing the family heirloom has given unnatural long life to every woman bearer in the family. Waiting for a miracle, all hope is faded in silence as the rings power seems to be lost. Heartbroken, the girl’s parents bury their child, but with all tales of Donbridge not everything is as it seems.Paranormal 

She Belongs to Me  By Carmen DeSousa
In this tightly woven tale of love, possession, and secrets, police detective Jordan Monroe finds his wife unconscious, clinging to life. Was the shooting self-inflicted, or attempted murder? All he knows is that he must uncover the mystery of his wife's past before it claims them both.  Romance 

The Star Agency  By R.E.Weber
Winner of the IBD "Indie Book of the Day" award for May 19th 2014.
So many of us dream of another life – a life of excitement and danger. What if, in the darkest depths of despair, you suddenly had a chance to live that life? Would you have the courage to chase that dream, even if you had to leave your friends, family and everything you knew behind? Would you take that chance? Theopolis James Logan is about to get that chance. The Universe is about to come knocking on his door. The Star Agency is book 1 of The Star Agency Chronicles, an Interstellar secret agent adventure aimed at readers aged 9 and above.  Teen & YA


Emerge The Awakening  By Melissa A. Craven
Allie has always believed life is simple. You’re born. You live. You die. But she's about to learn those rules don't apply to her. For years, she has suffered as those around her shrink from her touch, too intimidated to get to know her. It's left her feeling like an outcast for fifteen years. When an unexpected move brings Aidan into her life, he doesn’t shrink from her touch. With Aidan, she will discover what true equality means and she'll finally have a friendship unlike any she's ever known. Teen & YA 

The Dreadful Alchemist  By Charles Z David
A blood-chilling tale of international nuclear terror This action packed, fast moving international thriller, is a page turner from cover to virtual cover. It takes the reader from peaceful Scandinavia, to the offices of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna and through a clandestine laboratory culminating in the turmoil of the Middle East where the Islamic State seeks to establish the New Islamic Caliphate. ˃˃˃ ISIS will stop at nothing to promote destruction and havoc on a global scale. Who can stop them?
Action & Adventure 


Prophecy's Ruin  By Sam Bowring
Two heroes, one soul, and all the world to conquer - the first book in The Broken Well Trilogy tells the story of a prophesied child whose very soul is ripped in two. One half is Bel, who becomes a charismatic though troubled warrior. The other is Losara, an enigmatic and thoughtful mage who is stolen by the forces of shadow. 'The stuff of fantasy writers' fantasies. An epic, enthralling, towering triumph.' (AurealisXpress). Also starring psychopathic goblins, undead mages, indestructible butterflies, shape-changing swamp monsters and an evil talking bird.  Fantasy 

Between Boyfriends  By Sarka-Jonae Miller
At first glance, Jan Weston has it all: a gorgeous boyfriend, fun friends, and wealthy parents who take care of all those pesky credit card bills. Then her boyfriend dumps her, her friendships fall apart, and her parents cut her off. Suddenly without money, without a man, and without a plan, it’s time for Jan to grow up. Determined to get her life back on track, Jan decides it’s time to make it on her own. Can she find her way as a single lady in San Diego?  Romance 

Armageddon and the 4th Timeline  By Don Mardak
While the United States' military and intelligence communities pull out all stops in an effort to prevent a nuclear holocaust, one man attempts so save humanity from its certain annihilation. Eric makes three journeys back in time in an attempt to alter an important event that might change the future and prevent the ultimate disaster Can he change the past and by that prevent future Armageddon? Action & Adventure 

Medieval FutureThe Last Dragon Throne By Michael Anthony
Humanity rebuilds after the near total annihilation of an asteroid shower. The Allfathers, an ancient sect long hidden in the shadows, prepares to unite the kingdoms under a single ruler to serve its own purposes. These self-appointed guardians have chosen Prince Daven Brookler to be their standard bearer. But, Prince Daven has his own ideas. He refuses to be a puppet to the power behind the throne and has secretly given his heart to the fierce Eliza, a strong-willed woman with a secret of her own. Fantasy 

Obsessed (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)  By Mary Jane
Sam and Mark Rockwell, heirs to a multi-billion, real estate enterprise, have it all: Great looks and a lot of money. The two brothers are quite different from one another, but they both want the same things in life. Everything changes, when Sam meets Carrie, a tall, beautiful waitress. She is nothing like the women that he’s been dating. Sam invites her and her friends at a party in his mansion, but he is stunned to discover that his brother asked her out, just minutes after she showed up. Torn between the love for his brother and his feelings for Carrie, Sam is in an impossible position. Will he let his brother have her, or will he claim her?  Romance 

Mediterranean Diet-Cookbook & Guide By Vigor Belle
Incredibly, those who eat this varied and tasty diet, are thought to have their risk of suffering from a stroke or heart disease lowered by a third. This alone is a great reason for you to start eating, and enjoying a Mediterranean diet. Cooking & Health 

Air Fryer Guru  By Colin Rivera
An ultimate guide for delicious recipes for your air fryer. "Air Fryer Guru" include 25 simple and tasty recipes with useful tips, pictures and guidance how to cook. Best cookbook for you and your family.  Cooking & Health 

Half Wolf  By Aimee Easterling
Fen is a half-shifter whose inner beast is more mouse than wolf. Home is her castle, the only place she's ever felt safe. Enter an uber-alpha who intrigues and entices...then summarily ejects Fen from her home pack. Now treading water in the no-man's land of outpack territory, our heroine must shore up her waning power in time to save a missing friend and half-breeds everywhere before it's too late.  Fantasy 

Bone and Cinder  By Scott Nicholson & Joshua Simcox
When Mackie Dailey survives a cataclysmic solar storm that wipes out civilization and mutates others into violent killers, he seeks out the one person he cares about most. 
Action & Adventure 


Captured by the Alien Savage By Marina Maddix & Flora D.
My crew and I are stuck in orbit over a planet called 'Earth' without enough fuel to get home. I can't afford any distractions, least of all a beautiful, curvy human who my body tells me is my fated mate. That's impossible! My mate can't be human…can she?  Romance 

Diviner's Prophecy  By Nicolette Andrews
Death consumes Maea's nights and visions haunt her days. Her search for an escape from her nightmare, leads her to Prince Adair. He has his own secrets to hide, and like a fly caught in a web, she's drawn to him and thrust into the middle of a struggle for the crown.   Fantasy 


Seal of the King: A Fantasy Novel  By Ralph Smith
A prophecy foretells of their showdown with the dark one. Separated by two worlds, will these two star crossed lovers have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world? David and Aurora have seen visions of each other their entire lives but never met, until now. Aurora a fearsome warrior and David a simple farmer are thrust into battle. Will their faith be strong enough for them to prevail? Join them as they embark on their journey to the lair of the beast knowing they may never return. Action & Adventure 

The Saloon Girl's Journey  By Angela Castillo
A clean, Christian romance. Weary of the saloon girl life—and tired of being slapped around—Darla North decides to start over and let her new-found faith lead her. A friend sends her to Downs House, a place for 'unfortunate women.' Darla is offered a home—if she can behave herself. Old habits are hard to break, but Darla is desperate to prove to everyone that she's changed, especially Ethan Downs, the owner's sensitive and sweet son. But when Darla's past threatens to catch up with her, she must decide to face the truth . . . or run away again. Historical Fiction 


Never Buried: Volume 1 (Leigh Koslow Mystery Series) Kindle Edition by Edie Claire


Advertising copywriter Leigh Koslow doesn't pack heat--just a few extra pounds. And she doesn't go looking for trouble. When she moved into her cousin Cara's refurbished Victorian house, she wasn't planning on discovering a corpse--certainly not one that had been embalmed ten years before. But as anyone in the small Pittsburgh borough of Avalon could tell her, her cousin's house has a history attached. A history dating back to two mysterious deaths in the summer of 1949.Someone wants Leigh and Cara out of the house--someone who has something to hide. But that someone doesn't know Leigh's impetuous cousin, and when Cara digs her heels in, Leigh looks to her old college chum, local policewoman Maura Polanski, for help. But the answers the trio find only point to more questions. Were the scandalous deaths of fifty years ago really an accident and a suicide? Or were they murder?The nearer the women get to the truth, the more desperate someone becomes. Because some secrets are better off kept. Especially when they hit close to home!

Hearts of Clover(Half My Heart & Change My Heart)(The Clover Series Book 1 & 2) by Danielle Stewart


At nineteen, Devin Sutton lost his first love, his freedom, and his hope. Years later, the only thing he has on his mind is finally settling the score back in Clover, North Carolina. 
That is, until the girl he thought he’d lost forever crosses his path. Rebecca Farrus is supposed to be off living the life of her dreams, not tending bar in some dive. 
When faced with the choice, will Devin decide to celebrate what he’s finally found or keep seeking retribution for everything he lost? 
With his heart full of vengeance is there any room for love? 
Book 3 - All My Heart 
Book 4 - Facing Home


The Dead and the Missing: An Adam Park Thriller Kindle Edition by A. D. Davies


A missing girl. An international underworld. A PI who will not quit.

Adam Park is an ex-private investigator, now too wealthy to need a job. But when his old mentor’s niece rips off a local criminal on the rise and flees the UK, his life of surfing and travel comes to an abrupt end.Using cutting-edge technology, Adam tracks the young woman and her violent boyfriend through the Parisian underground where he learns of a brutal criminal enterprise - an enterprise that propels Adam to more dangerously-exotic locales, and the men in charge start to notice him.To return the girl safely and protect the ones he loves, Adam will need to burn down his concepts of right and wrong; the only path to survival is through the darkest recesses of his soul.

Deadly Magic (Grace Holliday Cozy Mystery Book 1) Kindle Edition by Elisabeth Crabtree


A night of magic turns into a night of murder. It's Halloween night and the normally unhappy co-workers of the Straker Toy Company are eagerly looking forward to the celebration of their tyrannical boss' fiftieth birthday. None more so than Grace Holliday. After all, it's not every day she gets invited to the annual costumed bash at the Dragon's Lair, the premier magic theater in Manhattan. What promises as a night of magic and mystery, quickly turns into a night of mayhem and murder when the boss' equally tyrannical wife dies on stage. According to the police, it was an obvious suicide. Now it's up to Grace to discover which one of her co-workers pulled off the trick of the year before she becomes the killer's next victim.


Every Little Evil (The Hipposync Archives Book 0) Kindle Edition by DC Farmer


When the Minister for Internal Affairs goes missing from a house under armed guard, the police are lost for an explanation. But the right honourable MP Sebastian O’Hoy is nowhere to be found. Worse, someone has daubed arcane symbols on his bedroom wall…in dripping blood. With no way in or out, no CCTV evidence of a break in and no body, alive nor dead, the police fear supernatural involvement. It’s time to call in specialist help. For Captain Kylah Porter of the DOF this is a chance to earn her spurs. But she knows she's up against systemic bigotry and cynicism in the shape of her Met counterpart, Sewell. Occult abduction? Or just another murky urban crime? MI5 want answers and soon.


Shifty Magic (Shifty Magic Series Book 1) Kindle Edition by Judy Teel


Private Investigator, Addison Kittner, should’ve minded her own business instead of saving a prostitute from a group of hungry vampires. Especially when her one-night-stand mistake, Were FBI agent Cooper Daine, shows up and suspects her of murdering one of the vamps. To add another kick in the pants, Addison has no choice but to work with Cooper to find the real killer. Either that, or have the murder pinned on her by the local vampire authorities—as in a quick vamp trial and a slow and painful death. Sleepover fallout, dead bodies piling up, and a magically powerful serial killer who refuses to be caught… Some days it’s not worth getting out of bed. 

Bitten By A Vampire (Pendle Hill Vampire Serial Prequel) Kindle Edition by T.D. Reed

Murderous vampires. A young girl fighting for her life. A mysterious vampire lord.

Start the Pendle Hill Vampire Serial today!Nineteen-year-old Anna Lisa was a typical farm girl until a caitiff clan of vampires shattered her life. Saved by vampire Lord, Marcus Salsbury, she has nothing left to live for. Taken in by the family who run the Salsbury estate, Anna tries to recover from her horrific wounds. When sparks fly between Anna and Marcus, she begs to become just like him. Bitten By A Vampire is a paranormal romance novel. It features fast-paced action, terrifying horror, and an intoxicating courtship. Author T.D. Reed gives you the prequel to the Pendle Hill Vampire Serial.


Vampire's Shade 1 (Vampire's Shade Collection) Kindle Edition by Vivienne Neas
The Shade a Vampire has left in my family is still hunting me, making my life a restless chase.It's not only my job, I have a personal vendetta to carry out against vampires. They are the reason my sister is on a wheelchair and our mother gone. And I'm not a forgiving girl.Vampires start integrating among humans, but even with laws adapting to the new society, many problems arise. I solve them. I kill problems.
In the span of less than two weeks I manage to turn my entire world upside down.
This time I have been chosen to take care of some human turned into vampire, but that will not be as easy as it seemed. I have somehow gotten involved in a war against the ancients ones, too dangerous and powerful enemies to fight by myself. And before I could even think about it I find myself allied with a very unlikely team.
At the end of it all, they're the ones that save me. I've been fooling myself for years.
It turns out I was the rescue mission all along.


Night Slashers: An Agnes McCall Mystery by Rashad Freeman 
Daniel Montague has a secret. A secret so dark, so disturbing that he’s pushed it to the back of his psyche and moved on. Unfortunately for him, it’s itching to find the light. 
Down in New Orleans, Daniel finds solace in the winding waters of the Mississippi River. He’s found a place that he can put his past behind him, a place that he can call home. 
He thinks he’s finally found peace, but when his past comes knocking on his front door and the town erupts in a wave of brutal murders, he is forced to face a harsh reality. You can forget the past, but that doesn’t mean it will forget you. “Night Slashers” a gripping thriller riddled with twists, turns and the ultimate betrayal

Confession of an Abandoned Wife  By Michal Hartstein

Sharon Moskovitz is living the dream. She is a lawyer, mother of two beautiful daughters and happily married to a high-ranking electronics engineer. Yet, something is missing in her life. Her happiness does not feel real, and her peaceful life in an affluent Tel Aviv suburb feels like an illusion. Her search for new thrills leads her to an unbridled online addiction she cannot control. She goes on a crazy emotional journey of self-discovery, during which she is torn between her love for her husband and the desperate want to fulfill her secret desires. And then something new comes up, and totally changes her life: true love.Romance 

Girls Can't Be Knights  By Lee French
Portland has a ghost problem. Sixteen-year-old Claire wants her father back. His death left her only memories and an empty locket. After six difficult years in foster care, her vocabulary no longer includes "hope" and "trust". Everything changes when Justin rides his magical horse into her path and takes her under his wing. Like the rest of the elite men who serve as Spirit Knights, he hunts restless ghosts that devour the living. When an evil spirit threatens Claire's life, she'll need Justin's help to survive. And how could she bear the Knights' mark on her soul? Everybody knows Girls Can't Be Knights. Fantasy 

Cut from the Same Cloth  By Kathleen Baldwin
“...will linger in your mind's eye long after you finish the story. Terrific.” – HUNTRESS REVIEWS, Detra Fitch, 5 stars. Scarlet O’Hara meets the Scarlet Pimpernel. Lord St. Evert despises pretension of any kind. He cannot abide the self-important airs put on by some members of the Ton, and intentionally makes a mockery of them. Unfortunately, the one woman who captures his interest is the biggest pretender of all. He vows to teach Miss Elizabeth Hampton a lesson she won’t soon forget.  Romance 

These Mean Streets, Darkly (Cyberpunk Short Story): A Liquid Cool Prequel  By Austin Dragon
THESE MEAN STREETS, DARKLY the prequel to the cyberpunk, detective series, Liquid Cool. It’s a world of colossal skyscrapers. Hover-cars fly above in the dark, rainy skies and gray people walk below on the grimy, hard streets in the “Neon Jungle.” Uber-governments and mega-corporations fight for control of the super-city, but so does crime. There are a million victims and perpetrators in this High-Tech, Low-Life World. This is one of those stories…before we meet our private eye (and unlikely hero), Cruz, in the debut novel, Liquid Cool.  Science Fiction 

Sister, Spy  By Menahem Misgav
The suspenseful drama of two Jewish agents sent to spy for the Soviets in Israel When an intestine handler is found hanged from the ceiling of a sausage factory, the Israeli General Security Service is called into action. a beautiful woman spy is called to play double agent in an international web of secrets and lies, with her life and the life of her father at stake. A plot entrenched with passion and blood that grabs you by the collar and doesn't let go until the very last line.  Action & Adventure

Sweet Reunion  By Melanie Shawn
Amanda Jacobs hasn't seen Justin Barnes since he disappeared in the middle of the night ten years before. When tragedy strikes and he shows up again, will the undeniable chemistry and connection they share be enough to help her get over the betrayal and abandonment?  Romance 

The Devil's Mouth  By Matt Kincade
The only things Alex Rains cares about are rock ’n’ roll, classic cars, and killing vampires—that is, until he meets Carmen, a tough-as-nails cop who's hot on the trail of her missing little sister. When the two join forces, they leave a trail of corpses across the desert as they race against the clock, hunting an ancient evil that’s preyed on the migrants of the American Southwest since the time of the Spanish conquest.  Mystery & Thriller

Purling Road: Season One  By M. L. Gardner
After a terrible accident nearly claims his friend's life, Caleb quits the fishing business and returns to his farm, disrupting Jonathan's plans for growth. Though the men must continue on without him, tension remains between the friends. More secrets from the past are revealed, complicating the group’s lives even further. Will they forgive each other, or will they go their separate ways for good? Keep up with the characters of 1929 by following them through ten episodes of Purling Road, A 1929 Serial. Historical Fiction 

Tressa's Treasures (The King's Jewel, Book 1)  By Belinda M Gordon
Fae mythology, romance, suspense, and drama. Tressa is a Sidhe in hiding. Happy with her new life in the Human World. When evidence surfaces that unfriendly fae may be nearby Tressa is surprised to learn many fae still believe she is the King’s Jewel of an ancient prophecy. Will the evil fae find Tressa in her place of refuge? If her enemies should find her, can she protect the people she loves? And what part does the dark eyed stranger and his daughter play in her future?Fantasy 

Mistress By Blackmail: International Billionaires I: The Italians  By Caro LaFever
A cold-hearted business tycoon. A strong-willed starving artist. A battle for each other’s heart both must win. Mistress By Blackmail is a standalone story with a happily-ever-after ending. It’s part of the sweeping International Billionaires series—books that take well-loved stories and place them in exotic locales. In this retelling of the beloved Sabrina story, you’ll visit a rich penthouse in London, a fabulous hotel in New York City, and a cozy cottage in the Tuscan hillside.  Romance 

Lost and Found Groom  By Patricia McLinn
Can they have a second chance at love... when they never had a first chance? On assignment in distant Santa Estella, hardheaded journalist Kendra Jenner finds herself in a hurricane... and thrust into the arms of a stranger. Fear leads to passion leads to a baby, a baby that Kendra fully expects to raise on her own. Then, three years later, her "Paulo" shows up out of the blue at her home in Wyoming, speaking the perfect English of an American, and identifying himself as Daniel Delligati. He says he's come for his son... and for her.  Romance 

The Running Guide: How to train for mental strength while you get in shape  By Ian Powell
Waking up to a perfect day has become more of a rarity in our daily lives. Even in our sleep, we are haunted by the burdens of job, family, relations that all we dream is made up of that. A good night's sleep is considered the best remedy to release you from the stress of the day, but we are not able to enjoy one because our minds are not at ease. This book suggests an amazingly convenient way to achieve both mental and physical tranquility ... running.  Non-Fiction 

Thriller: The Galilee Plot  By Shlomo Kalo
A lethal micro-organism, adapted to attack only the DNA of Jews is running riot in a settlement in Galilee. The Mossad is drafted in to avert disaster, and the professional experience of the narrator proves to be of vital importance... Racially motivated biological warfare is the chilling specter evoked by renowned storyteller Shlomo Kalo in this fast-moving and tightly plotted novel.  Mystery & Thriller 

Buck  By Em Petrova
It ain’t easy being a rodeo reality star—especially when you’re expected to marry your ex. Or maybe she really will get that wedding ring and his last name.Romance 

Romancing the Null  By Tina Gower
Everybody dies. Kate Hale’s job is to figure out when. Investigative Actuary, Kate Hale solves crimes that haven’t happened yet using statistics. She’s paired with werewolf police officer, Ian Becker, in an impossible case to save an oracle destined to die. Romancing the Null is an Urban Fantasy Romance that will appeal to readers of the Mercy Thompson series and Charley Davidson series.Romance 

In the Line of Ire  By Edwin Dasso
Captain Jack Bass becomes the target of hatred and malicious jealousy from his commanding officer. he sets his sights on Jack as a scapegoat and decides the punishment must be death. When the chain of command that should protect him breaks down, Jack Bass fights back in order to survive.Action & Adventure 

Lies Come True  By Emerald O'Brien
Avery Hart narrowly escapes death after being attacked in the woods of Crown River. Ten years later... The body of a young woman is discovered along the path of a park in the same town. The killer is cunning and ruthless, but even the best killers make mistakes. It doesn't take long for Avery to realize that when someone is deceived for too long, sometimes... Lies Come True.Mystery & Thriller 

Mr. January  By Ann Roth
Adam Healey is gunning for a promotion at Guff’s Lake Fire Department, hoping to earn the respect of his dying father. Single mom Samantha Everett’s deadbeat ex left her to fend for herself and she is struggling to support her young son. Neither Adam nor Samantha wants a relationship. But love has a way of surprising people…Romance 

12 Steps to Freedom (Book #1) A Necessary Career Planning Guide for Today's Job Market 

Nationally recognized Executive Recruiter, Paul Rega, #1 bestselling author of, HOW TO FIND A JOB: WHEN THERE ARE NO JOBS, introduces a revolutionary new concept in career management and personal development. This is an outstanding inspirational guide on how to never give up on your dreams and pursue your chosen career path. Paul introduces his unique career-planning program called, Intuitive Personal Assessment (IPA).Non-Fiction 

The Dawn of Grace  By Christian Hunt
In a post World War Two culture, David Fristensky, Hollywood superstar and best-selling novelist, is all anyone is talking about. But under the layers of fame and fortune is a man with a damaged past. Yearning for answers about his past, he comes across one of those weird bits of serendipity that finally brings him on the brink of discovering the truth. Journey with David as he travels halfway around the globe to unveil the mysteries that have always plagued him. This classic tale of Love and Sacrifice is sure to be thrill ride that will not be soon forgotten.Mystery & Thriller 

Waltz Back to Texas  By MJ Fredrick
Waitress Cassidy Simon is determined to escape her sleepy Texas hometown. But just when she’s ready to leave, she meets Grady McKenna, a military man who has returned home. Can their budding love inspire her to stay?   Romance 

The Prophecy  By Lucy Varna
Maya Bellegarde journeys to Sweden on behalf of the People. There, she meets James Terhune, an attractive language expert. Together, they must uncover the secrets of the grave and protect them from an ancient enemy, and Maya must decide whether or not to trust James with her deepest secret. Romance 

Wanna get lucky?  By Deborah Coonts
A young woman plunges from a Las Vegas sightseeing helicopter, landing in the Pirate’s lagoon in front of the Treasure Island Hotel in the middle of the 8:30 Pirate Show. Almost everyone writes her off as another Vegas victim.When a former flame is one of the snakes she uncovers, Lucky’s certain she’s no longer dealing with an anonymous Sin City suicide. To top it all off, Lucky’s best friend Teddie—Las Vegas’ finest female impersonator—presses to take their relationship to the next level. Leave it to Lucky to attract a man who looks better in a dress than she does.   Mystery & Thriller 

Beyond Shame (Beyond, Book 1)  By Kit Rocha
All Noelle Cunningham has ever wanted is a life beyond-beyond the walls of Eden, where only the righteous are allowed to remain, and beyond her stiflingly restrictive existence as a councilman's daughter. But only ruins lie outside the City, remnants of a society destroyed by solar storms decades earlier. Romance 

Bright Horizons  By Wilson Harp
Earth has made first contact with an alien race. At the historic first meeting, an ambush put peace for humanity out of reach. Colonel Kyle Martin was there that day. It was his leadership and the bravery of his marines that saved what little hope mankind had. When Earth was threatened with invasion, Martin again felt the weight of war pressing down on him.  Science Fiction 

Relentless  By Karen Lynch
Seventeen year old Sara Grey lives a life full of secrets and she is driven by the need to uncover the truth about her tragic past. But while she is looking for monsters, they are also hunting her. Will she risk everything, including her friends and family, to finally get the answers she seeks? And is she prepared for the new man who enters her life and the truths he reveals about her?  Teen & YA

Quick  By Billy Kring
Border Patrol Agent Hunter Kincaid and her friends, homicide detectives John Quick and Randall Ishtee hunt for a terrifying, sadistic killer called Conan, who preys on undocumented women. Conan leaves a trail of bodies from Texas to Florida, and Hunter, John, and Randall are stretching the boundaries of the law to find him. But Conan is no fool, and he becomes the hunter rather than the hunted, going for the three officers like a great white toward three unsuspecting swimmers.  Mystery & Thriller 

Hope(Less)  By Melissa Haag
In a world filled with people, Gabby is uniquely alone. The tiny sparks she sees in her mind represent the people around her, but she doesn't know why she sees them. A chance encounter leads her closer to answers, and into a hidden society where fur is optional. There she meets Clay. He is everything she doesn't want, but might be everything she needs to discover the answers she's searching for. Paranormal 

Henchgirl  By Rita Stradling
Dakota Kekoa lives a double life. By day, she pretends to be a human to infiltrate Mabi Academy, a 'human's only' high-school. At night, she works as a henchman for her draconic mafia family. When Dakota is hired to find a kidnapped human, she soon realizes her first honorable mission may also be her last. Fantasy 

Her Valiant Dragon: A BBW Interracial Paranormal Romance  By AJ Tipton
So hot it's criminal: dragon shifters on motorcycles bring the heat. The badass dragon shifters of the Iron Claws motorcycle club will risk everything for the people they love. Cast out from their dragon clans, they must use their cunning and strength to defy the laws of their people and stay one step ahead of those determined to keep life-saving cures out of the hands of humans. This novella includes naughty nurses, dramatic dragon brawls, and a passionate love that heals all wounds.  Paranormal 

Paper - A Short Story  By Kell Inkston
A village bent by the tyranny of an evil Overlord rallies behind the single, strong-willed man who can save them from destruction. Ralic, the son of Ralic the 11th and chosen liberator of his people, is a guy who sees himself as perfect, but will find in the coming day that he still has much to learn. Armed with the Sword of Destiny, the only weapon powerful enough to destroy the evil Overlord, Ralic seeks out a dark castle tucked away in the furthest recesses of a forbidden forest. Nothing is what it seems to be.  Literary Fiction 

Slow Burn: Box Set 1-3 (Slow Burn Zombie Apocalypse Series) 
Survive the infection! Survive the Infected! 
Book 1 
A new flu strain has been spreading across Africa, Europe, and Asia. Disturbing news footage is flooding the cable news channels. People are worried and frightened. 
But Zed Zane is oblivious. He needs to borrow rent money from his parents. He gets up Sunday morning, drinks enough tequila to stifle his pride and heads to his mom’s house for a lunch of begging, again. 
But something is wrong. There’s blood in the foyer. His mother’s corpse is on the living room floor. Zed’s stepdad, Dan is wild with crazy-eyed violence and attacks Zed when he comes into the house. They struggle into the kitchen. Dan’s yellow teeth tear at Zed’s arm but he grabs a knife and stabs Dan, thirty-seven times, or so the police later say. 
With infection burning in his blood, Zed is arrested for murder but the world is falling apart and he soon finds himself back on the street, fighting for his life among the infected who would kill him and the normal people, who fear him. 
Book 2 
Slow Burn: Infected picks up the story of Zed, Murphy, and Jerome where Slow Burn: Zero Day ended.
All three have been infected but have not succumbed to the most pernicious symptoms of the virus. Nevertheless, their band of fearful survivors, have ostracized them. 
Back on the street, with weapons to defend themselves but little food in their packs, they embark on a search for Murphy’s family while following a rumor of safe haven in the form of a doomsday bunker in east Austin. 
But the world is more hazardous than they know. They expect violence from the voracious infected but they have harsh lessons to learn about the uninfected. And humans to support the infrastructure of modern civilization, they find that danger comes in many forms. 
Book 3 
Zed is saying goodbye to one friend and pressing forward with two new ones, Mandi, whom Zed and Murphy rescued from the bunker, is immune to the virus, and Russell, also a slow burn, but lower-functioning, childlike and docile. 
After seeing the carnage at the dormitory, a raging, vengeful Zed wants only to kill Mark, his nemesis and the former leader of the ROTC squad. Since Mark has disappeared, Zed unleashes his fury on untold numbers of infected in his path as he makes his way back to the hospital, in an attempt to rescue Steph, a nurse whom he befriended while seeking help for the feverish Murphy shortly after the prison riot. But the brave medical staff, holed up on the tenth floor of the hospital, and running out of provisions, has decided to take matters in hand by exposing themselves to the virus, and shooting those who “turn.” Zed is determined not to face another loss, but time is running out. 

The Slow Burn Zombie Apocalypse Series 
Book 1 – Zero Day 
Book 2 – Infected 
Book 3 – Destroyer 
Book 4 – Dead Fire 
Book 5 – Torrent 
Book 6 – Bleed 
Book 7 – City of Stin 


Edgewood  By Karen McQuestion
Russ Becker thinks he's like everyone else, until the night he witnesses a strange astronomical event and discovers he's been given incredible abilities. As he learns to embrace his new talents, Russ meets three other young people who have secrets and powers of their own. When the four learn they are being hunted, and Russ's family is put in peril, he's forced to take action or risk losing everything important to him. Fantasy 

The Forbidden Army  By Henrik Rohdin
In the distant future, a sudden terrorist attack thrusts a human intelligence analyst into a maze of vicious alien gangsters, corrupt politicians and shadowy defense contractors - and partners him with an elite operative of the militant Krokator Star Empire, humanity's most prominent adversary to hunt down the ultraviolent faction known as the Forbidden Army before they can strike again.  Science Fiction 

The Sheikh's Secret bride  By Leslie North
Workaholic Sheikh Adjalane is under pressure from his board to marry an American within 30 days and only one woman will do. Wedding Planner Janna Davis values her independence and refuses to fall for a soon-to-be married man, but what will happen when she learns that she is his intended bride?  Romance 


Sunshine Hunter  By Maddie Cochere
When Susan Hunter finds out her new boyfriend of three months is married, she runs off to Florida for a week of vacation with her best friend. It isn't long before she believes they are being stalked. She also learns of a murder back home in Ohio and finds out she's a suspect. The story takes an adventurous turn when she winds up in the Gulf of Mexico. ... Humorous, sometimes ominous, Sunshine Hunter is quirky and fun!
Mystery & Thriller 


Crazy Love  By Emma Keene
Amy is about to graduate from high school and is a few months shy of her eighteenth birthday. She is planning to attend State in the fall, with her boyfriend Mitch, and has her life all planned out. The only problem is that life has an entirely different plan for her.  Teen & YA

Morbus Dei: The Arrival  By Bastian Zach and Matthias Bauer
Tyrol, 300 years ago: Getting caught in a snowstorm, deserter Johann List ends up in a secluded mountain village ridden by fear and superstition. Soon he realises that there is something wrong with this village, that it lies beneath a grim shadow - animals get killed, people disappear, hooded shapes lurk in the dark woods. When Johann falls in love with the daughter of a farmer, they decide to leave the village together. But before they are able to elope, the situation escalates - a life and death struggle begins.  Historical Fiction 

Cameron  By Jade Jones
With over 275 five-star reviews on Amazon: Cameron pays for college by pole dancing at night, but it’s not easy to balance school with work — not to mention her legendary boyfriend. A rollicking ride full of drama, betrayal, and unexpected twists.  Romance 

Operation Firebrand: Origin  By Jeff Gerke
The world on fire with violence against innocents. In places where the U.S. military cannot become embroiled. If only there was a team that could go in anyway. Now there is. Navy SEAL Jason Kromer is the tip of the U.S. military’s spear... until a sniper/assassination mission goes pear-shaped and his friend is severely wounded. Guilt consumes Jason and he quits the military, thinking that his days of being a warrior are gone. How wrong a guy can be. And this time, he's on a mission.  Action & Adventure 


The Prince of Ravens  By Hal Emerson

The Prince of Ravens is a fast paced fantasy adventure about a young, exiled prince fleeing the empire he was born to rule. Chased by his murderous family, he must find a way to survive. Unconventional magic system and in-depth character development.  Fantasy 

Born of Water By Autumn M. Birt
In the buried archives of the Temple of Dust may lie the secret to defeating the Curse, a creature which seeks to destroy 16-year old Ria for the forbidden gifts she possesses. But it is from among the ranks of those who control the Curse where Ria will find her best chance of success.  Fantasy 

Aerisia: Land Beyond the Sunset  By Sarah Ashwood
From Earth to Aerisia, Hannah Winters has gone from college student to savior of a parallel world. Here, the existence and survival of all depend upon her as Aerisia’s Artan who must battle the dread Dark Powers. Plenty of Aerisians are willing to help Hannah navigate this new world and its pitfalls. However, there’s only one person Hannah can count on to truly save her, and that’s herself. In order to save herself, she’ll have to become a woman with magic: the Artan.  Fantasy

SEALED with a Kiss  By Caitlyn O'Leary
Billy Anderson wants to take Rebecca Barnes to the Valentine’s Day Dance, and he needs advice, but he never expected to get it from six Navy SEALS. Rebecca is a girl in trouble, and when Billy realizes the situation she’s in, he calls in his friends for help. The SEALs will go above and beyond the call of duty to help the young woman he cares for, but will it be enough to ensure that Rebecca is safe and happy? This book is meant for ages eighteen and older.  Romance 

Midshipman Henry Gallant in Space  By H. Peter Alesso
As the last star fighter in squadron 111, Midshipman Henry Gallant is on his way from Jupiter to Mars. With the United Planets' fleet on the verge of annihilation, he can expect no help as he passes through the asteroid belt and threatening aliens. Only bright and attractive junior officer Kelsey Mitchel has shown any sympathy for him. Now as his navigator on the last fighter in squadron 111, her life as well as a good manyothers, depends of Henry Gallant.   Science Fiction 

Waking the Dragon  By Rinelle Grey
When his centuries long slumber ends abruptly, dragon prince, Taurian finds himself in a whole new world. Now, pursued by an ancient enemy, he finds his survival depends on the human woman whose presence woke him. Karla is irresistibly drawn to the half-naked man she discovered in an ancient chamber. But when he starts claiming to be a dragon, she’s sure he’s crazy. The sensible thing to do would be to drop him off at the nearest police station. But she soon finds out that dealing with dragons is never that simple. Paranormal 

All for Hope (The Rawley Family Romances-1)  By Olivia Hardin
Sometimes the safest distance between two hearts is no distance at all. Families, friends, and lovers must band together to save an innocent baby and a daring woman or both of their lives will be destroyed. Together, they’ll do it All for Hope...  Romance 


The Unwilling Executive (Captured by Love Book 1)  By Miranda P. Charles
Racing car mechanic Lucas Renner never expected his biological father to start acknowledging him as a son and only heir. He bet the old man has ulterior motives that has nothing to do with wanting to develop a relationship with him. He refuses to make contact with the man who has rejected him all his life... until his father's message is hand-delivered by a blushing beauty who stirs him in the right places.  Romance 

Twin Souls (The Nevermore Series, Book 1) - A Free Vampire Book  by K.A. Poe

On the eve of her birthday, Alexis discovers two shocking truths: She comes from a family of vampire hunters, and the boy she is falling for is the enemy. Will she embrace love or her birthright?  Paranormal 

Always With You  By Andrea Hurst
Since the devastating failure of her short-lived marriage, Cathy has buried herself in her work and kept men at arm’s length. But when an old high school friend, Pam, brings her family for a short stay, Cathy’s stone walls begin to crumble when she meets Jamie. Jamie, whose compassion and warmth slowly break down her defenses. Jamie, whose devotion to his four-year-old daughter melts Cathy's heart and makes her desperate for a family of her own. Jamie… who is married to Pam.  Romance 

The Flirting Games  By Stella Wilkinson
Ellie is determined to stop the school bad boy from seducing her sweet cousin, and getting Nate to switch his attention to herself seemed like a good plan. But Ellie soon discovers that boys are more complicated than classes, and you have to play the game well or you might just get played.   Teen & YA

Innocent in Las Vegas (A Humorous Tiffany Black Mystery)  By AR Winters
A Cupcakes-And-Crime Caper When brand-new PI Tiffany Black is hired to investigate a murder that's already been "solved", she runs into all kinds of trouble, including unpleasant goons who want to see her dead.Mystery & Thriller 

Steel Maiden (Divided Realms Book 1)  By Kim Richardson
When Elena steals the most valuable jewel in the Empire in the hopes of selling it to start a new life, she is caught, and the punishment for stealing is death. Yet in that moment she is given a choice — death or become one of the high priests' champions in The Great Race. Elena is catapulted without warning into the bloodiest race in all the realms, forced to compete with a man she hates while she develops a growing passion for another. Fantasy 

Sworn To Raise  By Terah Edun
Adventure and romance, magic and secrecy, are woven into a fantasy world that is a phenomenally unique and captivating tale. In this breathtaking launch of the successful high fantasy series, readers will be kept on the edge of their seat.   Fantasy 

Greatshadow: Book One of the Dragon Apocalypse Kindle Edition

Infidel is a legendary sword for hire in a city of dangerous men. When her best friend dies accidently at her own blade, she decides to leave behind her life of violence. To retire in style, she sets her eyes on one last big score—the priceless treasure trove of the dragon Greatshadow. But when she teams up with a band of rogues, will she survive her treasure-hungry companions long enough to face the dragon?  Fantasy 


Murder Under Construction  By Maddie Cochere
Jo Ravens is thirty-two, divorced, and stuck in a rut. She wants two things in life - a new career and to lose the sixty pounds she packed on after her divorce. When she crashes her nephew's bike in a construction site, she lands on a girl with a large knife in her chest. Jo enlists her sister Pepper and journalist friend Jackie to help solve the girl's murder. Things become creepy for Jo when the girl appears to her in dreams and offers unusual clues to her death.   Mystery & Thriller 

Phantasia (Book One: Into the Rain)  By M. U. Riyadad
After finding the body of a dragon in a metallic desert, Red finds out that he is the reincarnation of a messiah worshipped by an insectoid alien race bent on invading his star system. Swept into a dangerous adventure across glacial swamps, cloud cities, and dead stars -- Red must evade his true purpose in the world, to summon a forsaken deity trapped in another realm.  Fantasy 

Forever Dreams  By Leeanna Morgan

181 five star reviews! Gracie arrives in Montana looking for her birth father, but one stubborn cowboy with a heart full of dreams could change her life forever.  Romance 

Paralsyis Paradox  By Stewart Sanders
Awaken in 1168 as a prince who must live by his wits to save his own life. In 1911 as a youth, striving to keep hold of his sanity while those he loves turn away. In 1996 as a teenage girl surrounded by conspiracy. And, in an unspecified future, as a consciousness trapped inside a weaponised machine. Four lives to choose who to love and who to fear. Four lives to choose who to trust and who to kill. Four lives to lose and die in obscurity.
Science Fiction 


Bitter Ashes  By Sara C Roethle
Madeline knew her life was strange, and not just because she could sense the emotions of others. Having people die by your hand on two separate occasions can make a girl question her very existence. Still, she never thought she'd wake up in a world straight out of Norse myth. A world where corpses reanimate all on their own... and she's supposed to be their executioner.  Fantasy 


Hidden (Hidden Series Book One)  By M. Lathan
Sixteen-year-old Leah Grant has given up on being normal. She'd settle for stopping the voices in her head, intrusive visions of the future, and better odds of making it to her seventeenth birthday. When a witch shows up to her orphanage, she embarks on a dangerous adventure of self-discovery in a supernatural world that was said to be extinct. But some things are better left hidden.  Teen & YA

Simpatico  By Dermot Davis
When Andrew and Fiona decide to run away to escape her father's influence the stakes get higher and potentially fatal for them both. As a member of The Order of The Wise Serpents, Fiona's father has connections and influence that extend across all levels of society. The lovers soon find themselves balanced precipitously between danger and desire. Intensely romantic and suspenseful, Simpatico captures the struggle between defying the dictates of what others want for us and following the innate urgings of our own hearts and souls. This is a love story that takes no prisoners.  Romance

Power in the Blood  By Michael Lister
Was it murder, accident, or suicide? A baffling case. A brilliant detective. An introduction to an insightful, sympathetic, spiritual, and utterly unique investigator. John Jordan is a cop in a clerical collar haunted by his past—a man of mercy who also thirsts for justice.  Mystery & Thriller 

Bluestone Homecoming  By MJ Fredrick

War correspondent Leo Ericson spends more time on the frontline than he does with his own son. The child’s school counselor Trinity Madison doesn't understand why. But when Leo returns home, the two form an unexpected bond that could lead to so much more… Romance 

Ties that Bind  By Carolyn Arnold
Madison Knight is one hard-boiled female detective so when a case she’s working turns into a hunt for a serial killer, nothing’s going to stop her—not even mounting pressure from the brass or a distracted partner. She’ll go it alone if she has to.  Mystery & Thriller 

Seven Psychics  By J.C. Diem
Dreaming of becoming a soldier after high school, Lexi is instead recruited by a secret agency for her sniper skills. Drawn into a world she never knew about, she learns that monsters are very real. From the moment she meets Reece Garrett, she is captivated by him. He is strong, sexy and charismatic. What she doesn't know is that the Shifter Squad are even more dangerous than the creatures they hunt. She will have to guard her heart as well as fight to stay alive during their mission.   Paranormal 

Collapse (New America-Book One)  By Richard Stephenson
Civilization is fragile. Hidden terrorists on our soil. Maniacal politicians desperate for power. Infrastructure in ruins. In 2027, America Will Fall.  Science Fiction 

Waves of Love  By Lori Ann Mitchell
At thirty-two, Sage Drake has the world by the tail. She owns her own bookstore, in sunny Florida, and loves her work so much she lives in the apartment above the store. Then one day a young surfer strolls in His name is Derek Chambers, and he’s no regular surfer: he’s an author of a series of surfing travelogues, eager to do a book-signing or two at Sage’s store. She goes him one better by offering to host a series of writing workshops, with Derek as the star. In return, Derek offers to teach Sage - who’s never learned - how to surf. Will the two find love in the waves?   Romance 

Meant To Be  By Laramie Briscoe

Denise Cunningham is a single mother who gets sucked into the world of motorcycles and crime. In the end, she finds her Prince Charming on the back of a bike.   Romance 

Stateline  By Dave Stanton
Cancel the wedding–the groom is dead. When a tycoon’s son is murdered the night before his wedding, the enraged and grief-stricken father offers private detective Dan Reno (that’s Reno, as in no problemo), a life-changing bounty to find the killer. Reno, nearly broke, figures he’s finally landed in the right place at the right time. It’s a nice thought, but when a band of crooked cops get involved, Reno finds himself not only earning every penny of his paycheck, but also fighting for his life.   Mystery & Thriller 

Unlucky In Love  By Carmen DeSousa


Some lucky women meet the man of their dreams and live happily ever after. Some lucky women focus on a career and make their own happily ever after. And then some women wake up after fifteen years of marriage and discover that their luck just ran out ... right into the arms of another woman. Jana Embers isn’t one to sit back, though. The first thing Jana's thinking she might do is take a tire iron to her soon-to-be-ex-husband's truck. Then, who knows? Maybe she'll adopt a cat.  Romance 

A Dance of Dragons (Series Starter Bundle)  By Kaitlyn Davis

**Bestselling USA Today Recommended Author**

An ancient evil awakens. Three unlikely heroes rise. An age of myth is reborn. Try the A DANCE OF DRAGONS series today, perfect for fans of Throne of Glass, Graceling and Game of Thrones. This bundle includes the prequel novella, The Golden Cage, as well as the first full-length novel, The Shadow Soul.   

Second Chances  By Bria Marche
Life is great on St. Thomas for Abby Bellavance until her husband steals her trust fund. With five million reasons to hate men, she returns home, groveling at her mother’s feet. Back in Charleston, Abby is thrown another curve ball. Her mother dies, leaving Abby with a mansion but no money. Turning the home into a boardinghouse brings her instant cash, but now two of the hottest men in Charleston are tenants. They're similar in one way—they are men, and Abby should keep her distance. As fate has is, Abby is dealt one final blow. She wonders now if she'll ever have a second chance at love.Romance 

Remorseless: A British Crime Thriller  By Will Patching
Doc Powers is a semi-retired criminal profiler tormented by guilt over his role in the death of his wife, and haunted by nightmares involving the evil men he has helped convict. When a face from the past invades his life again, he is reluctantly dragged back into the role he came to despise. Will he overcome his personal demons in time to prevent a violent killer from taking revenge on those he blames for his incarceration – including Doc himself? Find out in this uniquely “dark and disturbing” psychological crime thriller. Mystery & Thriller

The Enemy of an Enemy  By Vincent Trigili
Vydor is being sent to investigate a mysterious event deep within the Empire’s space. A secret research colony has fallen silent and the forces sent to investigate were never heard from again. A new enemy has arisen to challenge the Empire and it's up to Vydor to keep this force at bay, but it may come at the cost of his faith and shake the foundations of the Empire itself. The Lost Tales of Power series are Sci-Fi/Fantasy books featuring a mixture of traditional fantasy and science fiction elements.Science Fiction 

They Came Out After Dark  By Chris Ward

They Came Out After Dark is a blackly comic horror in the style of Richard Laymon. A group of students and a failed rock band get snowed in at a remote mountain study camp where genetically engineered monsters roam the woods.  Horror 

A Night With Knox  By Eve Jagger
Pro baseball player Cooper Knox is tired of groupies and fans - so when a sassy brunette with curves for days doesn’t recognize him, he’s not about to let his secret slip. She wants a night to remember - and he’s going to show her a few moves she’ll never forget. But secrets have a way of catching up with you - and when the ball drops at midnight, the new year isn’t the only thing that will be starting with a bang.Romance 


Dex  By Jayne Blue

Meet the hot alpha men of the Great Wolves M.C. and the strong women they love. Dex McLain served hard time for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he’ll stop at nothing to take back his club and the woman he loves, gorgeous combat nurse Ava Olander. But Ava’s not sure she can survive loving or losing Dex again.  Romance 

When a Rich Thug Wants You  By Pebbles Starr

Get ready to meet Raelyn, Symba, and Blue. These 3 friends go through it all together including relationships, heartaches, and drama. But things really get interesting when Caesar and his boy Canyon come into the picture. These rich thugs have always been ones to get whatever they want--even sexy, stubborn women who think they can't be tamed.


Architects of Destiny (Cadicle #1)  By Amy DuBoff
A new space opera epic begins. Cris was born with rare telekinetic gifts—abilities outlawed by the governing Priesthood. But, a new future awaits when Cris unexpectedly receives an invitation to join the Tararian Selective Service and begin their sanctioned telekinesis training program. Except, Cris' path was designed, and he's right where the Priesthood wants him.50,000+ downloads and 100+ five-star reviews on Amazon.
Science Fiction 


The Narrowing Path  By David J. Normoyle
Out of over a hundred teenage boys, only six will be found deserving of survival by the leaders of the great families. Bowe Bellanger is expected to die on the very first day of the path. Instead...Fantasy 

Wild Irish Heart  By Tricia O'Malley
An ancient book, a power untouched, and a heart unloved lead Keelin O'Brien from Boston to a small village on the coast of Ireland. Determined to unearth the secrets lying hidden in the cove, Keelin has little time for a surly Irishman who haunts her dreams.Romance

Draykon  By Charlotte E. English

Shy jeweller Llandry Sanfaer finds herself at the centre of a sensation when she discovers a new and mesmerising gemstone. When some of her customers are killed for their coveted istore jewellery, Llandry is propelled into danger herself. As her mother’s friend Eva Glostrum races to unmask the murderer, Llandry must uncover the true nature of the stone -- before she too becomes a victim.Fantasy 

A Rabbit's Tale: An Easter Story  By Diogenes Ruiz
Bullied as a kid, now an unhappy adult, Juan's life stinks. When he dresses up as the Easter Bunny for his nephew’s party, he winds up having a life-altering accident and becomes a freak, a medical marvel. As he tries to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, Juan uncovers evidence that can help convict a suspected murderer hellbent on unleashing the most addictive drug known to man. Still battling the side effects of his accident, how can Juan prevent a murder and help catch the lunatic. When life unravels, how do you keep going? How can the very worst day of your life be the best day for your eternal soul? Fantasy 

Magic of Thieves  By C. Greenwood
In a province where magic is forbidden and its possessors are murdered by the cruel Praetor, young Ilan, born with the powerful gift of her ancestors, has only one hope for survival. Concealment. In the shadow of Dimmingwood, she finds temporary protection with a band of forest brigands led by the infamous outlaw Rideon the Red Hand. But as Ilan matures, learns the skills of survival, and struggles to master the inherent magic of her dying race, danger is always close behind. When old enemies reappear and new friendships lead to betrayal, will her discovery of an enchanted bow prove to be Ilan’s final salvation or her ultimate downfall?Fantasy 

Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper  By J. L. Bryan
Ellie Jordan is a private detective who specializes in removing ghosts from haunted houses. Her new case involves a particularly dangerous old spirit haunted a crumbling mansion in Savannah, Georgia.  Paranormal 


Dangerous Works  By Caroline Warfield


A little Greek is one thing; the art of love is another. Only one man ever tried to teach Lady Georgiana Hayden both. If it takes a scandalous affair to teach her what she needs to complete her work, she will risk it. Major Andrew Mallet returns to Cambridge a battle scarred hero and would be scholar. His last encounter with Georgiana cost him eleven years of his life. Determined to avoid her, he seeks work to heal his soul and make his scholar father proud. The work she offers risks his career, his peace of mind, and (worst of all) his heart. Can he protect himself from a woman who almost destroyed him? Does he want to?Romance 


The Profiler  By Chris Taylor


A serial killer is terrorizing the women of Sydney. Will Detective Ellie Cooper be able to set aside her animosity for her partner, Federal Agent Clayton Munro in order to catch the monster responsible?  Romance 

Death Wish  By Megan Tayte

In an isolated cove, a girl commits suicide. Scarlett, her sister, is determined to find answers. But as her quest for the truth unravels, so does her grip on reality as she’s always known it. Because something strange is going on in this cove. A dead magpie circles the skies. A dead deer watches from the undergrowth. Hands glow with light. Power. What transpires is a summer of discovery. Of what it means to conquer fear. To fall in love. To choose life. To choose death. To believe the impossible.Teen & YA

Ting Tang Tony  By Kat DeSalle & Kristin Leigh Jones
Tony DiMarco made a name for himself in an industry where size truly matters.Running into the gorgeous Emily Grant has him confounded. Can they overcome insecurities they battle to unite? Their whirlwind journey proves it's not the size of the package that's important—it's who you are that counts.Romance 
How To Train Your Knight -By Stella Marie Alden

Year of our Lord, 1276. In the hours just before dawn, blasphemous curses echo throughout the stone manor. A knife clatters to the floor, and a feisty young widow is bound, blindfolded, and led to the marriage altar. The king couldn’t possibly have sanctioned this farce of a marriage, could he? After all, she alone transformed a few mud huts and starving serfs into a flourishing town, never once hesitating to pay generous taxes to his royal kingdom. Abandon her beloved people to be ruled by her new husband, an ignorant Templar knight? Never.Romance 

The Angel & the Brown-eyed Boy: A Paranormal Adventure (Earth's End Book 1) - By Sandy Nathan


Tomorrow morning at 7:35 AM, a nuclear holocaust will destroy the planet. Two people carry the keys to survival: Jeremy Edgarton, a 16 year old, tech genius and revolutionary; and Eliana, the angelic, off-world traveler sent to Earth on a mission to prevent her planet's death. By the late 22nd century, the Great Recession of the early 2000s has lead to a worldwide police state. A ruined United States barely functions. Government control masks chaos, dissenters are sent to camps, and technology is outlawed. War rages while the authorities proclaim the Great Peace. Join Eliana and Jeremy as they begin a quest to save two doomed planets ... and find each other.

Action & Adventure 

Bait -  By - Kasi Blake

After being on the run for eight years, Bay-Lee joins her cold, distant father at his school, a secret training camp for hunters. It doesn't take long to figure out good grades are secondary to staying alive. She will have to face wraiths, a rogue reaper, a border monster, and an angry young hunter with jungle-green eyes. Someone or some thing is killing hunters on their birthdays. She and her friends need to solve the great mystery fast. Her birthday is just around the corner.Fantasy